never wake

I can see a sea of brown bodies
Not floating but standing
Cheering, the roars of the crowd
Echo through my eardrums like
Drums of the motherland
Where my ancestors slept and dreamt
Of this sight
A dream so vivid that it can only be a 
I see smiles of my mother, grandmother, my aunts
The lady that said, “hey” on the bus
The woman that needed some change on the street 
I see smiles like my own
I look into eyes that never had to see 
Pictures of black bodies hanging
Black people not being allowed to be black people
I look into eyes that only had to see this
I feel the warmth on skin never beaten
In a field that never had to be a generational crime scene
I see black men smiling, black men playing
I see black men living
I see fathers
I see sons
I see families never separated 
I see joy
It’s brighter
I see the dream beginning to fade 
I feel myself beginning to wake
I run
My feet, one after the other
I run to get to that joy
I run

I wake

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