Solitude is best when it’s chosenChosen silenceChosen emptinessChosen coldnessBut even my choice of solitude is not mine to have.My aloneness is something that I must fight to haveSomething that I must steal away like a thief in the nightStolen quickly, enjoyed even fasterScarfed down like food to a starving manBut it is mine…At least it […]

i’m not sure…

It’s time to goLoosen the gripTake a step into the unknown with meTrust in the feeling of fearI am not dark and coldI am the warmth that brightens your pathSunshine to the skin once youTake that stepout into the unknownFall into meI am the dream that catches you when you wakeThe excitement that keeps you […]

a promise, a love letter

Searching for something that’s found insideTorn down by lies and built on prideI wear it on my sleeves like it’s mineFeelings for thee, its so divineI pluck the thorn out the rose and place it on your pillowHolding you close on this bed of flowersHoping the hours represent the decades that you’re by my sideI […]

Looking at the highway

It has an odd scenic nature. Almost calming. Watching the travelers go to and fro, from one destination to the next. Cars containing people that have lives that I will most likely never know anything about. But, somehow, watching their lives momentarily pass in a car that I will never see again makes me feel […]

the verdict

I watch from across the room as life flashes before my eyes Opportunities slipping through my fingers Chances that I was too afraid to take snatched up by someone much braver Braver than Bolder than Better than I am as low as I choose to go How long I halt my progress is a process […]


My legs should be on your shoulders We should be growing older, together as one You and I should be we by now We should be feeling like me by now Inseparable Two complete entities traveling through the cosmos for centuries This bedroom should be our universe We are the Big Bang Creating life when […]

set the vibe

She knows that she knows what she’s doing Her words, her action She knows that I love her movements It’s a natural reaction How sexual this connection Between the two of us is brewing The words that she says wraps me in the hue of red Mixed purple and pink At times a hint of […]


Look in the mirror What does your reflection show Is it you that you see Or someone that you don’t know Replication Can you not be yourself Be in your own skin Why become someone else In a crowd of mirrors what do we see A sea of people who don’t know who to be

bloom (in conjunction)

The sun rises for you alone Placed in my garden to watch you bloom I sit for hours, just to watch you move Yet, still you stay And everyday I pray that winter doesn’t come too soon

ode to nothing

Nothing I want to speak in silence Let words emit from my body My lips stayed pressed Not vocal but loud Not arrogant but proud My mind needs to rest A restful state that I choose to stay in This dangerous place that I chose to play in The consequences to my action that I […]


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